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Pediatric Dentistry Services in Tavistock

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Tavistock? You’ve come to the right place because here at Tavistock Family Dentistry, we accept patients of all ages and will help your child maintain a healthy smile. 

Children need to start attending dental visits from a very young age to establish good oral hygiene habits and to become familiar with this process. Attending dental appointments here at our office will help your child feel more comfortable, and our reputable and experienced kid’s dentist will make sure your child’s visits are stress-free. 

We understand the challenges parents face when it comes to their kids and the dentist, but if they start from a young age, we will create a bond with our dentist and will establish a connection which will allow your child to trust the dentist while understanding the importance of these visits. 

We believe the key to successful kid’s dental appointments is to find a clinic specializing in children’s dentistry, and you can depend on our dental clinic in this regard. Our dentists have the experience and special training to work with kids and have created a fun and friendly environment to ensure every child feels comfortable sitting in our dental chair.

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During Your Child’s Dentist Appointment

Our pediatric dentist will start by examining your child’s mouth, teeth and gums during their first dental visit, after which we will evaluate any habits affecting their smile. We will also check to see if your child needs fluoride and will teach our young patients how to clean their teeth and gums properly. 

We will then create a schedule for regular dental visits. 

How to Prepare for a Kid’s Dental Visit

Getting your child to go to the dentist is difficult, but we have a few tricks that may help. We recommend talking to your child about the importance of dental visits and why they are a must. An open conversation about the importance of healthy teeth and gums will make a positive difference, and you should discuss why everyone needs to visit the dentist. The more your child knows, the more comfortable they will feel during their appointments. 

We also invite you to drive by our dental office or step inside to get a feel of the space, and you can also read children’s books about going to the dentist. This is a great way to prepare, and your child will feel more comfortable when they know what to expect. Reading books and talking to them about this process will eliminate fear, and your child will not feel shocked or overwhelmed when they arrive for their first appointment.

It is also extremely important for parents to speak positively about their own dental experiences because this will make a huge difference. When your child sees a positive reaction, they will want to feel the same way and step into their appointment in a calmer and happier state. 

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