Wisdom teeth removal is necessary for most patients, and when the time comes for this procedure, you will need to find the right dentist. Wisdom teeth puncture through the gums during the teen years or young adulthood, and their presence will affect people differently. Some will not feel bothered by the eruption of their wisdom teeth, while others will feel discomfort. While a small percentage of people will not have to remove these teeth, most people will. 

Wisdom teeth will crowd your mouth and cause other permanent teeth to shift out of place, leading to pain or crooked alignment. Our dentists here in Tavistock will assess your teeth to determine whether or not wisdom teeth extraction is required. If we feel that removal is necessary, we will help you prepare, and our dentists want you to be aware of the following:

1. Wisdom tooth extraction is not scary. Believe it or not, the procedure will be relatively comfortable, and this is a common procedure countless patients must experience. The process is safe, and there are very few risks or side effects involved. During the procedure, our Tavistock dentist will provide you with local anesthesia or a mild form of sedation to ensure you are comfortable or unconscious during the extraction. Once the procedure is done, we may prescribe over-the-counter or prescription pain medication if needed. 

2. You will need a driver to take you home. Patients who receive more than a local anesthetic will not be allowed to drive after the procedure and will need a friend or family member to drive them home. It is recommended that you have someone stay with you for a couple of hours, and someone should check on you later that day to ensure you’re okay. Do not hesitate to ask your friends or family if you need anything after your procedure. 

3. You will need to rest after the extraction. You need to take it easy the rest of the day following your wisdom teeth removal, and Tavistock dentists recommend staying away from physical activities until your mouth starts to heal. Most people will not have to stay in bed, although you should do only minimal activities until your anesthesia wears off. We will discuss the steps you need to take in more detail and tell you what to avoid for the first few days. 

The good news is that most people will not experience complications after wisdom tooth extraction, and this procedure is necessary for many. Wisdom teeth removal will help you maintain straight teeth and a beautiful smile, and you will be back to your regular activities in no time. 

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