Regular dental visits are very important, but when a dental emergency strikes, you cannot wait until your next appointment and will have to seek emergency care. If you are in excruciating pain or are suffering from a severe dental issue, you will need immediate attention, and if you don’t treat emergency issues in a timely manner, they can put your health at risk. 

Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health, and you need to contact an emergency dentist who can see you right away. You will need emergency dental care in all of the following situations:

1. You Have Tooth Pain That Will Not Go Away

Nagging and lingering tooth pain is not normal and is an indication that there is an issue that needs to be treated. An abscess, a fractured tooth or an infection are some of the reasons why you may be experiencing constant toothache. If you are experiencing constant pain, contact an emergency dental clinic for treatment. Emergency dental offices will always answer your call. 

2. You Have a Fracture

Sports, car accidents, slips and falls can all lead to a tooth fracture, as can biting into a hard piece of food. This will cause you a lot of pain if not treated right away because bacteria can develop in the crack of the fracture and infect the tooth. 

3. Bleeding Gums

This is a serious problem that can indicate periodontal disease or other serious conditions. Brushing and flossing and eating certain foods can cause your gums to bleed, and if you are experiencing constant bleeding, you must get an emergency dentist to examine your mouth because this is highly concerning, and you cannot wait to schedule your appointment. 

4. Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth can be dislodged for a wide variety of reasons, including accidents, sports or biting down on something that causes distress to the tooth. You must visit an emergency dentist right away, and you must bring the tooth with you if that is a possibility. If a tooth is placed back into its socket within an hour, it will have a greater chance of being saved. If your tooth is still attached to your gum but is wiggling around, do not play with it. Try to place the tooth back in the socket and gently bite down on wet gauze or a cold tea bag to keep the area moist. This will also help you deal with the pain until you get to the dental clinic.

5. Lost Crown or Filling

Crowns and fillings can become dislodged and will have to be replaced as soon as possible. Without these protective parts, your teeth will be exposed to damage. 

When you need emergency dental care, call your dentist right away to notify them of the situation and head to the clinic right away. When it comes to your teeth, you cannot ignore the pain, and you shouldn’t have to suffer through it, either. Emergency dental clinics have different hours and will offer appointments when other clinics cannot. 


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