Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to starve after a tooth extraction because you can consume soft foods to eliminate hunger and get all of the nutrients you need. It is possible to eat after having a tooth removed, and a dentist near you in Tavistock can provide you with all the right information. 

Most people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed because these sets of molars can cause complications, and patients may experience several dental issues if these teeth are not extracted. Whether you get your wisdom teeth removed or require a tooth to be pulled out because it will not move or is causing you a lot of pain, the extraction process can cause some pain and discomfort. Trauma, disease or crowding may also require you to get a tooth removed and eating after this procedure can be challenging, but if you focus on the right foods, the aftermath of a tooth extraction will be more bearable, and you will also recover faster as well. 

The most important thing is that you consume only soft foods after a tooth extraction to prevent complications, infections and additional pain. Being prepared will help you remain nourished even with a limited diet, and the following foods are all safe to eat after tooth extraction:


This should be at the very top of your list after tooth extraction surgery, especially during the first few days following your procedure. Pureed vegetable soups are especially great because they are healthy, and you won’t have to worry about large pieces of vegetables or meat that you have to chew. Soup is easy on the mouth and teeth and is also very comforting, which is why dentists recommend this food after a patient has a tooth removed. 

Most soups also contain potassium, fibre and vitamin A and will keep you nourished. If you are craving the taste of chicken or protein, you can strain chicken noodle soup to eliminate the big pieces, after which you can enjoy the broth. 

Make sure the soup is lukewarm or cold because if it is consumed while it is too hot, you may experience pain in the area where your tooth was extracted, and this can lead to an infection. 


There are only a few ingredients in applesauce, and it contains mostly pureed apples. Apple sauce is perfect for patients recovering from tooth surgery because it is very soft and it’s also the ideal temperature. Additionally, apple sauce can help with proper digestion, which is essential as your diet may be off for some time after having your teeth extracted. You will enjoy vitamin C, K and potassium, and applesauce is a healthy snack option whenever you crave something sweet after your procedure. 


This is another great food that is light and healthy, and you can eat yogurt for breakfast or as a healthy snack throughout the day after a tooth extraction. Make sure you eat plain yogurt that does not contain pieces of fruit or granola. 

Yogurt is a fantastic choice because it contains probiotics that are good for your digestion, and this food will help boost your immune system. It will also provide you with vitamins B and D. 


Not only are eggs a great source of protein, but they are also great for both breakfast and dinner and are a great choice because eggs are easy on the teeth and mouth after surgery. This food will help protect your immune system because eggs contain vitamins A and B-12, and dentists recommend scrambled eggs because they are soft and easy to eat and chewing is not really required. 

If you are looking for some extra flavour, you can add cheese before you scramble your eggs. 


Instant oatmeal can be consumed three days after your tooth extraction surgery, and your dentist can tell you if this is a food you can eat, depending on the dental procedure you have done. If you are given the okay by your dentist, make sure the oatmeal is lukewarm before you eat it to prevent irritation. 

Oatmeal is often recommended by dentists because it contains a lot of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and you’ll be able to maintain your energy levels and will also feel full as an added bonus. 

Mashed Potatoes

This is a great vegetable to eat after tooth extraction because you will get a lot of nutrients and energy, even if you only take a few quick bites. Many patients will struggle to eat a lot at first after their dental surgery, and mashed potatoes will give you a lot in terms of nutrients and energy. Just make sure the potatoes are lukewarm or cold. 

Cottage Cheese

You can add this food to your other meals to enhance their taste, or you eat it on its own as a snack. It is a soft source of protein, and you can easily add cottage cheese to your eggs or blend them into smoothies to enjoy the extra flavour. 

Ice Cream

Not only is ice cream very delicious, but it’s also one of the most recommended foods after tooth extraction because it is very soft and cold and can help with swelling. Ice cream will soothe the extracted area of your tooth, and you can treat yourself after your surgery by eating your favourite ice cream flavour. 


Now that you know what you can eat after tooth extraction, you can plan your grocery list accordingly to ensure you are ready after your surgery. Light foods are vital for eating after tooth extraction because they will help with a smooth and painless recovery process. 

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