Teeth discoloration is very common, and many people will dislike the colour of their teeth at some point or another. If you don’t like the way your smile looks and think it’s because of the colour of your teeth, you can discuss teeth whitening treatment with your Tavistock dentist because this solution can brighten the colour of your teeth by several shades to provide you with a whiter and more beautiful smile. 

Discoloured teeth can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious, and when a person is unhappy with their smile, they will cover their mouth or feel uncomfortable in social settings. This does not have to be the case because professional teeth whitening can improve the colour of your teeth, and you will have a smile you’ll want to show off. Before you consider teeth whitening treatment, however, you must first understand the causes of teeth discoloration because this information will help you maintain a bright smile. Additionally, understanding the wide range of issues that can cause tooth discoloration will allow you and your dentist to work together to prevent and manage tooth stains. 

Poor Dental Hygiene

Failing to brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis will lead to teeth discoloration because bacteria and food particles will stick around in your mouth and cling to your teeth. This will cause tooth stains, and you will quickly notice your teeth changing colour. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is extremely important for your oral and overall health, and a proper oral hygiene routine will eliminate bacteria in your mouth, and it will be less likely for stains to stick to your teeth. 

Certain Foods and Drinks

It’s hard to start your day without coffee, but this will contribute to tooth discoloration, as will the consumption of tea, wine, dark berries, citrus fruits and some juices. Foods and beverages with high acidity will have a staining effect on your teeth, and you need to be careful with the products you consume. While it’s hard to cut coffee out of your life completely, you can try drinking less of it on a daily basis because cutting back will help prevent stains. 

Use of Tobacco

Tobacco users will have yellow and stained teeth, and their smiles will suffer as a result. In addition to yellowed and unattractive teeth, tobacco use will also put you at a higher risk of gum disease and other oral health issues, which is why it is best to kick the habit. Quitting will not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but it will also improve your overall health. 


There’s nothing you can do about aging, and it’s natural for the colour of our teeth to change as we get older because our tooth enamel will slowly wear down over time. This allows for the next layer of the tooth, referred to as the dentin, to show through, and dentin is yellowish in colour, which means your teeth can start to look yellower as you age. 

Some Illnesses

Certain medical conditions can impact your tooth enamel, and this can lead to changes in the colour of your teeth. Calcium deficiency, liver disease, metabolic diseases, celiac disease and eating disorders are examples of medical conditions that can impact your tooth enamel.

Some Medications

Certain medications can also contribute to tooth discoloration. Antihistamines, antidepressants and drugs used to manage high blood pressure can cause discoloration, as can exposure to certain antibiotics. Some medical treatments can also cause tooth stains, and this includes chemotherapy or head and neck radiation. 


Genetics can play a role in the thickness and brightness of your enamel, and some people are lucky in this regard, while others are not. There’s nothing you can do about genetics, and this can have a big impact on the colour of your teeth.


Falling and damaging a tooth can harm its enamel, as can chipping a tooth or any other form of trauma. This can lead to teeth discoloration and can affect patients of all ages. 


Are you ready to keep your smile bright and healthy? Tavistock Family Dentistry will further discuss the causes of tooth discoloration, and our dentist will provide you with tips and professional recommendations to help prevent stains. We will discuss your oral hygiene routine to determine if any improvements can be made and will go over your brushing and flossing techniques. 

We will also discuss your diet to see if the foods and drinks you are consuming on a regular basis are harming your smile. We will then discuss the treatments that can help enhance your smile and will determine if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening treatment if that is something you are interested in.

If you are looking to improve your smile or are in need of an emergency dentist in Tavistock, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!