Invisalign can straighten your teeth and provide you with a beautiful smile, and if you are considering this treatment, the following guide will tell you everything you need to know:

1. Don’t wait to talk to your dentist. It’s natural to overthink certain aspects when it comes to your teeth, but the sooner you talk to your dentist, the sooner you will know whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Don’t jump to conclusions on your own, and speak to your dentist instead. 

2. This treatment is fast and efficient. Many think the main difference between Invisalign and traditional metal braces is aesthetic. While the discretion associated with this nearly invisible option is a huge bonus, Invisalign is also faster. Some patients will notice results in as little as two months!

3. You may experience some discomfort. Compared to metal braces, Invisalign will look smooth and sleek, although you may still experience discomfort. This aspect will vary from patient to patient as it will depend on your teeth and pain tolerance. 

4. Your teeth may feel loose. It is normal for your teeth to feel loose when your aligners are out because they need to be loosened to move to their new positions. 

5. Invisalign is custom-made. Each aligner is custom-made for the patient’s teeth, and the process will start with a scan of your mouth, after which a series of aligners will be created in a lab, and these will have to be changed out every two weeks. 

6. You will have to change your eating and drinking habits. For Invisalign to be effective, aligners must stay 22 hours a day, and eating and drinking will have to be scheduled for two hours. 

7. You may develop a slight lisp. During the first week or two, some patients will report having a slight lisp or different-sounding voice, although this will go away as you get used to the aligners. 

8. You may have buttons. These are small, tooth-coloured brackets that your orthodontist may adhere to your teeth, which may be a part of the Invisalign treatment for some patients. 

9. You may need rubber bands. This is rare, but some patients may require orthodontic rubber bands, although every Invisalign case is unique, and the dentist will discuss every detail.

10. Brushing is extremely important. You must brush and floss your teeth every time you take your aligners to eat or drink. Food residue should not be trapped between your aligners and your teeth because this will be uncomfortable and bad for your teeth and can also cause your aligners to become yellow. 

11. You must clean your aligners properly. Toothpaste should not be part of this process because it contains abrasive ingredients. A mild aligner cleanser should be used instead. 

12. You can whiten your teeth at the same time. It is possible to whiten during your Invisalign treatment, and your dentist can add whitening treatment to your trays which will be in all day, allowing for multitasking. 

13. Invisalign treatments usually cost the same as traditional braces. Many people assume Invisalign is more expensive, but this is not the case, and your dentist can discuss pricing to provide you with a clear understanding of costs which is a concern for most people. 

14. Have spare toothbrushes everywhere. Brushing is a big part of your Invisalign treatment; you should have spare toothbrushes everywhere.

15. You may not enjoy removing your aligners in public. Aligners fit snugly, and you may have difficulty popping them in and out, especially at the beginning of your treatment. They may also come out with a bit of saliva, and most Invisalign patients prefer taking their aligners out in a discreet place. 

16. You are never too old for this treatment! A beautiful smile is important regardless of a person’s age, and orthodontic treatments are not just for teenagers. 

17. Choose your dentist wisely. Not every dentist will have experience with Invisalign, and you must find a provider with a high level of expertise. 

18. A retainer will still be a part of the process. Once you’re done with Invisalign treatment, you will still need to wear a retainer to ensure results last a long time. 

19. Invisalign is worth it! Frequent brushing and a potential lisp should not prevent you from seeking this treatment because it is effective, and you will love your smile.

20. Attend a free consultation. If you want to know more, you can contact Tavistock Family Dentistry. We will discuss Invisalign in great detail and tell you everything you need to know about this treatment. 

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